Remember an Individual
Across the Customer Journey

Build Relationships with your customers
by Delivering a single continuous conversation 


We understand language, from colloquial speech to domain-specific lingo.

Language is ultimately the most natural form of human communication and documentation. Our technology is built on robust Natural Language Understanding and Machine Learning algorithms to achieve semantic comprehension of the written and spoken word. Instead of following traditional approaches of targeting keywords, we focus on analysis of the meaning and context of language.

Understanding colloquial dialog enables organizations to gauge customer desires and needs, and engage with their customers. By understanding the customer voice, we aim to empower organizations to respond effectively and engage proactively. 


Our aim is to build an ecosystem that bridges existing data flows with intelligence.

Whether it is connecting with messaging and voice or preexisting data resting in documents, databases, and APIs - our technology enables organizations to deliver personalized customer service and analytics in a more robust and efficient fashion.


We build contextual customer experiences that span across digital channels.

We are collaborating with leading organisations to innovate around customer engagement.  Our solutions are focused on helping organizations build relationships with their customers and make knowledge easily accessible. RozieAI can be your partner to build an intelligent digital engagement program.