Understanding Human Language with Artificial Intelligence

Revolutionize the Way Organizations
Communicate, analyze & operate


Colloquial language is ultimately the most natural form of human communication.

Computing technology has been on a journey to enable increasingly simple input methods, from the keyboard and mouse duo, to the current landscape of touch and voice. Our technology is built on robust Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning algorithms to achieve Natural Language Understanding of the written and spoken word. We recognize the challenge of identifying consumer desires to deliver satisfying and exemplary service experiences. By understanding the customer voice, we aim to empower organizations to respond effectively and engage proactively.


Our aim is to build an ecosytem that bridges existing data flows with intelligence.

Whether it is connecting with messaging and voice or preexisting data resting in documents, databases, and APIs - our technology enables organizations to deliver personalized customer service and analytics in a more robust and efficient fashion.


RozieAI for Social Care Management


We are collaborating with leading organisations to innovate around customer engagement.  Our solutions encompass applying Natural Language Understanding to deliver on automated customer service platforms or social media analytics. RozieAI can be your partner to build an intelligent social engagement program.