Reimagine Customer Experiences

Understand the Customer and Build Personalized Experiences at Scale


Enterprise Offerings

RozieAI delivers unparalleled Natural Language Understanding and Deep Learning analytics to guide customer engagement.


Social Engagement

Delivering personalized care is key to customer satisfaction, retention, and receptivity to individualized offers. The Social Engagement platform supports the development, deployment, and monitoring of conversational applications built for multi-channel stakeholder engagement. We support hybrid-AI powered, human-assisted workflows to respond to inquiries.


Social Pulse

Organizations desire transparency into the customer voice, to guide business decision making. Social Pulse can be connected to analyze customer messages, comments, and feedback on any social media channel or enterprise-specific channels. 

Applying our Natural Language Understanding and sentiment deep learning models, we deliver real time and historical visibility into social communications: topics of discussion and their trends, stakeholders and their interests, as well as sentiment.

Customer Engagement Objectives



Deliver on the demand for speed and ease of access to information and services


Meet the growing desire for customized user experiences


Transform a one-time transaction into a conversational relationship


Social Engagement Platform

RozieAI integrates with existing social media and customer service operations to provide intelligently automated responses to customer queries and enables seamless connectivity to live agent support.


Omni-Channel Support

We enable organizations to be accessible on all of the platforms and channels preferred by their consumers.


Advanced Natural Language Processing

We automate the accurate interpretation of consumers’ intentions, allowing organizations to scale social engagement offerings.


Intelligent Response

We enable organizations to deliver individualized service with reasoned analysis and a brand-specific tone, highlighting the receptivity to consumers’ needs and demands.